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Economic safety

One of our specialties is analytical support of transactions in the area of economic safety.
Where do debts come from? Parties entering contracts sometimes do not have accurate information about one another: the financial potential of the enterprise, the presenceand reputation of the enterprises with similar cosponsors, the behavior of the persons participating in the transaction, , etc. Organizations which require services assuring of economic safety are better protected from entering "doubtful" transactions. Therefore, to ensure successful transactions (those not resulting in debt) , the private detective suggests to use this service to run a check on potential clients.
Information can be received about all persons and firms registered in the territory of the Russian Federation.
Investigations are conductded in accordance withthe legislation of the Russian Federation.

Technical security

Modern technical devices while being very small, are capable to record video images and sound, and also to intercept communication. To prevent this, it is necessary to inspect the premises and equipment for “bugs”. This service is provided to firms and individuals.

Pre-employment screening/background investigation

When entering of employment contracts, it is important for employers to know about the future employee's biographical data: whether he or she was subject to administrative and the criminal liability, their honesty concerning the execution of contract obligations (including credit contracts), whether he or she admitted in court to being incompetent, whether he or she has a registered psychoneurologic condition or substance abuse probelm, etc. A necessary condition of this check is the receipt of written permission from the subject of the check. (Usually this constitutes an affirmative reply to the question "Do you grant permission for to run a background check on you?" in a questionnaire.)

"Family" problems

The private detective, using several well developed techniques, will help you find out how members of your family spend their free time. The obtained information can be useful in divorce proceedings or for disciplinary actions for minors.

Search of missing persons

A problem such as this may arise when receiving inheritance rights. The private detective can help, among other things, to restore a certificate of death.

Special offer to the clients who are striking up acquaintances by means of the Internet 

The overwhelming majority of people who make acquaintances by means of the Internet, do not know whether or not their conversation partner is real.
There are swindlers who use social websites to start a correspondence with persons living in the territory of the European Union or the USA. Getting more closely familiarized with their victim, they lead the conversation towards visiting of the country of residing of the person they are scamming, deftly demanding them to pay for travel expenses, their visa and other overhead charges. All payments are attested by scanned receipts. Such requests will continue until the victim suspects the deceit.
The private detective at an early stage of acquaintance will help you to be certain of:

1. The existence this or that person;
2. Authenticity and conformity of the data given by the person in different sources, including conformity of the physical data, appearance in photographsbody type , etc.;
3. Financial status and employment.
4. Criminal history
5. Marital status and presence of common law spouses, children, etc.
Verifications are carried out on 3 levels:

1. Simple check: it is made until revealing of the first discrepancy. The cost is $100 It is performed on persons living in the territory of the Russian Federation (possible, territory old Soviet Union). The results are presented in a table:

parametrs yes/no note
relation to drugs    
relation to to criminal    
debts under credits    
whether the person is real    

2. Detailed check: upon not revealing biographical discrepancies in the course of the «simple check» detailed discrepancies are checked. Cost $200.
3. In depth direct contact to the interested person and his or her environment is made. Cost from $400.

The inquiry and the answers are recieved and sent through: . Service is given according to the contract, placed on this site after advance payment reception (see price and methods of payment).
To place the order it is enough to send a surname, a name, and a date of birth of the person to be checked, and also the number of an electronic bank account from which the funds are transferred.

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